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Our analysis is tangential to accounting. While we rely heavily and work closely with the firm’s accounting team, our process begins where accounting ends. Though tailored to the specific needs of each firm, the delivery of services generally includes the following areas of analysis:

  • FINANCIAL HEALTH: An assessment of actual results and development of forecast
  • DRIVERS OF PROFITABILITY: Full P&L by practice area, client, matter, industry, and office
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Analysis of utilization and realization trends
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCTIVITY: Alignment of billable hours and realized revenue, realization, and utilization
  • EFFICIENCY: Evaluation of expense management, compensation analysis, assessment of leverage opportunities
  • PRICING: Optimization of alternative fee arrangements
  • COLLECTIONS: Measurement of rates and trends
  • THE EROSION OF THE BILLABLE HOUR: Impact of all adjustments in hours and fees on revenues
  • FINANCIAL TARGETS: Development of a budget in-line with strategic plans. Prepared at firmwide, practice and office levels
  • BENCHMARKING: Peer analysis
  • UPSIDE/DOWNSIDE POTENTIAL: Impact on profitability due to changes in key talent, fees, clients
  • PROFITABILITY LEVERS: Impact on profitability due to changes in utilization, realization, and leverage

We interface regularly with the managing partner to present the financial review and ensure that the firm is on track to achieve its profit trajectory.

Advanced Financial Analytics leads to better, faster, and informed decision making by unlocking insights to key issues. We save our clients time and money by boiling reams of financial data and reports down to clear actionable steps to drive growth.

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