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Enhancing Law Firms' Profitability

Financial intelligence

improves the bottom line.

The practice of law is evolving, with clients primarily driving the change. To adapt, savvy law firms must explore new ways to increase profitability while focusing on client expectations and demands.

Our Mission is to Increase Your Law Firm’s Profitability

Advanced Financial Analytics provides leaders of small and mid-size law firms with succinct financial intelligence they need to significantly improve profitability. We offer our clients the level of financial analytics perfected by multi-industry practices that enabled the most successful firms in the world to drive performance, but scale and customize our analysis to your specific needs.

Our firm helps outstanding lawyers become successful business leaders. We save you time by boiling reams of financial data, reports, and market trends down to clear actionable steps you can implement to drive growth. We can help you move the needle!

Following our detailed assessment of the firm’s operational performance, growth opportunities, and optimal resource allocation, we equip the managing partners with an unbiased, holistic, and pragmatic roadmap to enhance profitability and a robust, disciplined plan to achieve their financial goals. We interface regularly with the managing partners to ensure the firm is on track to achieve its profit trajectory.

AFA has the results-oriented approach and data-driven deliverables that produce powerful financial insights to boost profitability.